Python CGOS Client

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This client connects Go programs that implement the GTP protocol to the Computer Go Server (CGOS). You know what they are, or this is not for you. The CGOS server and TCL client are © Don Dailey and others and are not included here.

This latest release is version 0.3.0. This program is ©2009 Christian Nentwich and is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

Headline Features

Written in Python. Your engine does not need to be in Python!
  • Failover using CGOS's move replay (with client crash/server disconnect)
  • Separate logging
  • Local SGF records, with time info (including opponent move times)
  • GTP extensions to notify your engine of the opponent name and result
  • Can rotate between multiple engines
  • Local "mirror" GTP stream - e.g. display live progress locally using GoGUI's gogui-display. Be nice to the server :)
  • Compassion when your engine loses
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Please read the documentation of the latest release for details.


Contact & Contributing

Contributors and questions are very welcome. Feel free to check out the source from the Subversion repository. Write to christian.nentwich on gmail.